It still a difficult process for me continue my plans and healthy habits that I have started forcedly in a process of becoming a focus and career driven person. The idea of regaining my motivation is difficult as it seems. As everybody knows, success starts from the purpose of a person, reasons and his motives. The unwritten mission and heavy reason why does he plan to do such thing. You are doing things not because it is something that is unnecessary or unworthy, everything has a backstory and reason why it was build or why it was destroyed. Motivation, in addition, is the process that makes a person driven in accomplishing his goals or plans. It affects human’s behavior in reaching, or not, his goal. From my side, I’m still in a process of regaining my motivation in life. Still in phase of making my path straight and ready for the hazy route that this journey might give me.

Adulting is difficult because still, this is a coping process for me. I graduated from college from a couple of years ago… but still hustling to adapt the changes that this real world is throwing me. My motivation today evolved from my unrealistic goal before. “Nothing is impossible” as they say, but to build your success with your vague motivation is ridiculously impossible.

Developing a clear focused mindset is difficult to attain. The habit of making everything in order and staying calm under unexpected conundrum is tough. Some people succeed in surpassing this stage but most of those who tried, stopped and didn’t pursue the process even though they are fully motivated at the beginning of the progress, they ended up unsuccessful and miserable. Building a strong motivation could be applied to everything. It could be in making your online business works, saving a fund for your travel goal, your professional growth etc.

Everything that we aim and want to happen in our future gain, motivation is the key in making the idea of success, reached. The strong foundation of reasons of making such thing is what we need in making our route clear and strong in any disturbance. The idea of making yourself focus is the best thing you could do in making your journey straight and got an enjoyable process.

Inline from the given information above, here are the simple ways in making yourself focused in reaching and attaining your goal in life:


This process is not as simple as tidying up your closet or kitchen; throwing away things that aren’t keep-worthy as it was before. This simple process of organizing has a great impact and meaning to someone’s well-being. Your control for simple things manifests to the complex aspect of your life.

The simple organization of your desk helps you to have a clear and focus mind in accomplishing the task you have sat that specific day. Everything start in simple and goes to complex. The removal of unnecessary items from your box makes not just the scenery pleasant but your feelings lighter. It is necessary for you to make this as a practice in eliminating useless things to prioritize the important details in making decision. Clear mind makes wise decision, do not let the opposite state put you in a position where regret is only the option.

Here are the things that you have to remember in decluttering your home/workspace:

1. Your goal must be clear in this process. Questions like, “why do I need to declutter? how does decluttering things help me? how will I declutter?” are the questions that must be answered in starting the process. In addition, you must understand that decluttering is not a one-day process. The progress and development of the habit is long and you must understand that you don’t have to push the moment to organized everything. You might start with your desk today, whole room tomorrow and the kitchen next week. Rushing things without a proper plan might make you indecisive in every of your decision.

2. Get rid the unnecessary. It’s hard to let go with things that are sentimental but the idea of letting the unnecessary things go help you to move on get a brighter life. This is very applicable not just for general but also to the things that we kept from the past that don’t have essential in our present growth. Taking pictures of the tangible things and putting them to the cloud makes the space light and gives you room to breathe in.

3. Create a sorting system. This is one of the famous organization hacks that most of everyone does. The idea of sorting things from what to keep, donated, sell and get rid of helps you to shape your wise decision making. By having some sorted boxes, you could be able to see what to keep and what not.

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