“I earn enough, I can support my family, I can eat somewhere with my family and friends, I can buy what I want.” Real happiness is not just about earning enough money and supporting yourself and family with gifts and material things. Happiness is always sitting at the back of contentment. Whether you’re earning six digits or five, if you’re not contented; your money is useless, it is impossible to feed your happiness. It might suffice your desires but the span of that burst emotion is short as your faux smile.

Chasing your dream doesn’t mean leaving your day job. If your day job makes you feel incomplete or empty in some ways, you have to remember that you still have hours after your job to do things that you’re passionate about. It’s a matter of time management, some of you might find it difficult because your day job consumed your energy but what I have realized is, after working for 8 hours a day, I still have time to do somethings instead of making myself drown in social media and tv series. It is on you on how you manage your time. If your passion is writing, go write 1 hour a day; if designing, draw and share it to the world. Again, let’s stop putting the blame on others, be accountable on your emotions and wise or unwise decision.


If you did good today, be the best tomorrow. Not to pressure yourself but to maximize your potential. People tend to give their bare minimum because first, they hate what they’re doing and second they’re blind to see the importance of what they are doing. The idea of defeating yourself is similar to the idea of giving your best. The reflection of your work is reflected on you. The moment you look at the mirror; you see the person you have built. Others are part of what you became but the most percentage of your totality came from your decisions and personal choices you have thought about.

Learning from yesterday is a great step to better yourself. If you can upgrade your smartphone or your smart television, why not yourself? This is very attainable, to get the better version of yourself. The fact that you’re conscious that you did wrong, do right next time: the fact that you could self-assess, you could improve yourself. It is a matter of bravery and confidence to start today and ditch procrastination. Again, we are responsible with our actions. We succeed because you did great, you fail because you failed to prepare.  

I’m still in a process of developing improving myself. So, here’s the list of my everyday morning routine this holiday.

6:00AM – WAKE UP

Successful people say that if you start your day right, you’ll end your day right. So here’s me planning to wake up at six, tomorrow. I failed my first two days, and obviously it ruined my daily schedule – ACCOUNTABILITY! – I’ll be better tomorrow.

6:20AM – 6:40AM MEDITATE

 Meditation keeps someone relax and calm. It helps the stream of consciousness flow and move to clear direction.

6:40AM – 7:40AM READ BOOKS

I am not a reader kind of person. I got easily bored when reading wrong text so this process is difficult for me. I’m easily destructed by notification from my phone, meows of our cats and growling of my stomach, aha. But I’ m working on it. Currently, I’m reading Robert Kiyosaki “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” ehe!


8:00AM – 9:00AM BRAINSTORM is still a baby so father Kenn should be ready and good in creating contents. Lol! I’m still in a process of developing the content of this blog, still learning and hustling.

9:00AM – 10:00AM WRITE A BLOG

To come up a blogpost isn’t easy as it seems.  Still in a process of developing the habit and knocking the idea of procrastination.

10:00AM – 10:30AM TAKE A BATH


This text has been very motivational and I especially like your stance on being confident. I recently started a blog called and I would very much love to invite you to have a read! All the best

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