For the past couple of months, I’ve been craving for motivation and drive in making myself fulfilled and contented, I formed a question for myself and this is “HOW DO I IMPROVE MYSELF THIS 2020?” By that, listening to podcast, watching videos and reading articles about self-improvement became the solution for me in learning things about self-improvement. I’m new to this journey in developing the habit but it so nice to feel the idea of trying and making baby steps in improving the quality of life that I have.

The opportunity to better one’s self is not reached by everyone. Half of everyone is aware for their improvement but fail to realize the opportunity that this growth could give. Improvement is equal to opportunity, once you invest for your development; return will be seen at the end of the process. Of course! It is hard to start, but as what successful people say “The first step in making success is to start.” Whether you’re young or adult; student or someone who works in a corporate world, starting is the first step in getting your success

The world is not going to adjust for your improvement. You! The person living in your body is the one who’ll adjust from this constant change. Letting yourself stuck in a position where contentment is saturated will never be the world’s problem, fact! it is your problem.  No one is accountable in accumulating your failure but yourself. Letting yourself grow is your choice, allowing your body died unhappy isn’t the problem of anyone. IT IS YOUR BUSINESS.

Therefore, here are the ways in attaining the change and improvement that you need in improving yourself:


Everything that you do, words that you said and decisions that have been made are under your responsibility. The happiness that you are getting is the result of your brave (or maybe not) decision.  No one is accountable for what is happening to your life but you. The owner of your body. Let’s block the idea of passing the blame to others, this is not a game nor a play. Being accountable for yourself is being accountable for your success.

Start to enjoy and embrace the change, this is constant and inevitable. People are afraid in changes reason for them to choose to be safe and push their responsibilities away. The moment you accept and hold your responsibility, you will feel fulfilled and satisfied. This idea of being accountable is giving you rights to enjoy and celebrate the success that you’re getting. On the other hand, when the result is negative, your accountability makes you confident and gives you an opportunity to grow and solve the problem with self-assurance and wise decision made by your personal choice.


Some of you might have a low courage in making something that could improve your productivity. I also know that confidence is not as easy as some people say. Personally, back then, my confidence level is as low as you never thought. From physical to my skills, the confidence for myself isn’t that sturdy as it could be. But you know, as you gain experience and wisdom in life, confidence increased little by little. To recover from the bottom and see the improvement is a big step in attaining the goal that you’ve written.

Being confident is something that will drive you with your goals and aspirations. It is the formation of the growing mindset and habit. The stream of consciousness must be on track. You are not going to be confident if you are not going to synchronize your words with your actions. You must know when to be prepared and ready with the battle of life. Showing your genuine intention is a big embraced for your confidence. Some might not like what you’re showing but the things is… at least you are true and you’ve got your good intention with you. Don’t be just a people pleaser, be someone that considered as genuine. A genuine person with pure intention.

Moreover, being ready for reality of learning. Mostly, people are far from developing a good habit because first, they are afraid of changes and second, their pride is high as f*ck. The latter doesn’t have a positive side. Most of people under that reasons are close minded and aren’t ready to learned from someone (cue for the next bullet). What I just want to say is, you have to be open with learnings. Life is full of surprises, surprises that will make you intelligent and experienced. Remember that, your openness and humbleness will give you wisdom that will step up your confidence level.


In this present generation, everything is free. You don’t have to experience failure to learn. Knowledge is free, same with wisdom and guidance. For total learning, on hand failure might be interesting but haven’t you seen that these experiences that have been faced by many people might teach you lessons. This is not a shortcut but an intelligent analysis of someone’s struggle and success. It’s up to you if you are going to adapt their ways in surviving or just going to let the information forgotten by your confused memory.

Of course, it is hard to remember everything and remind yourself every day that “I should do this” based on the reversed engineered success of this specific person. That’s why writing down to your journal is really important, owning something that could record your emotions and plans could be a great help for your habit formation. From the habit of the successful people in different industry (from what I have learned), they have this similar habit that makes their day productive. Most of them write from their journal, from jotting down their daily affirmations to plans that they have the day after that night, everything was written down. The importance of writing things helps you retain the information to a piece of paper. Paper that you could check after a couple of days if you feel unmotivated and stubborn.

The term “reverse engineering” is applicable in this notion. The fact that you could study someone’s success is amazingly brilliant because first you don’t have to experience great loss in reaching certain goal and second, your decision lies on your intelligent analysis to the success or maybe dilemma that this successful person had.  


This text has been very motivational and I especially like your stance on being confident. I recently started a blog called and I would very much love to invite you to have a read! All the best

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