Living with your full potential is different in raging yourself with love and happiness. Not everyone is convinced that they are unhappy and frustrated with the environment that there are end up into from long years of their life.

Not everyone is given a chance to live with their dreams after their college’s paper works; not everyone is contented with their hard works’ fruit and incentive. Not everyone is grateful for the position that they are consistently building and protecting. And the sad reality is, they are accepting these things including the idea that they are making their lives in the middle of invested apologetic life, in the setting of inevitable boring routines made of blunt thought and paper people. Saying that everything was done according to plan; everything was made according to their destiny but the gray part of this is everything was according to their choices… based from the law of their own universe.

Happiness is always a choice but what if the problem is not from you but from your options. It is easy to say that “hey, just broaden your choices and that will be easy.” but real sense, if this world presented you with horrible choices, even though they are awful, you have no choice but to make a great pick. Same with the professions that people are taking, not everyone has privilege to follow the sparks, most of everyone needed to be practical to suit with the standard of living. And this is the main reason why at their early age of adulthood, people tend to kill their desire – living with their passion. Which is very practical, it’s like getting an easy or uneasy job for easy money.

Striving young adults tend to pressure themselves unconsciously, make them think that life is short to be patient and persistent. Today, pessimism is ranging for the reason that we are trapped in the midst of wanderlust and fake fur. Posting online to validate one’s happiness, to show to people that they are enjoying their cold coffee and happy with their smiles. The need for self-recognition and unique identity copied from others – contradiction – is relevant.

The number of people who surpassed the period of choosing whether they go to what they love or to what they need to do are few. And take note that this few could be divided in half or third because in general, tracking your way is not just a key in finding your final end. Being passionate and focused are not present in everyone’s mantra, changing the past is their reflection every time they wide open their eyes.

The overflowing frustration might not be seen outside but from their mouth after they aged, regrets shout from their soft murmur. They are stuck with what-ifs and doubts; they want to go back however their chained. Money is not always the answer for everything; it doesn’t kill frustrations and stop the clicking of the clock. Genuine happiness is like a seeing your long lost friend from high school; it is like tapping your sleepy passion to make it awake. is dedicated to my dying passion and to those, who are confused and scared for making their love for something gone and dissolved. Join me to enjoy the process and the journey in happy life.

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