While reading my past blogs and writing, I have come to discover that my last journal was written exactly one year ago. My expected midnight thought brought by my energized nostalgia, heart ache from my sad clouds, anxieties for being unemployed and the interaction of humans inside the neighborhood were all written exactly one year ago.

It was so stupid of me, not writing and sharing anything last couple of months. I shared photographs, but got no time in writing down my thoughts and realization in life. I got busy “adulting”; I became unfocused and destructed by everything that my work has brought me.

Update! Hi, it is Kenn here. From being slight depressed by waiting for my employer to call me, I am here now, hustling and doing the job that college has given me. The reality is quite sinking inside me right now; being young adult was not easy as I exprected. Maximizing my time and managing may social life with my work isn’t that easy as I see on tv. The crisis of pursuing the things that my soul wants versus to the reality that want to accomplish is clashing and making me anxious. Anxious to neglect and let my love to something be blown away by the wind.

Quitting to the environment that happiness isn’t supplied completely is just easy to say. Follow what you like and pursue your heart’s wants are the lines that is not applicable to everyone. From my current situation, following the path of my written dreams is difficult to make. I have no idea for what the future holds but I want to promise myself that I am going to be a goal-oriented and be a career-driven person. I might not be at the path of the dream that I have and pursue my creative craft at the moment. I promise to myself that I will not stop in building a scheme in reaching my goal. Making the impossible, possible.

I also believed that someday, I’m going to live with my hopes and dreams. But now, I just want to be reminded for the goals and my own definition of success.

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