The entire universe is floating over stereotypes, insensitivities and couple of doze of tactlessness. These headless things represent the level of stupidity and mediocre thinking of every individual. Delivering bad jokes with bad intention is the worst thing that anyone could get similar to a plain taste and empty can.

Limiting people’s abilities based on superficial reasons and shallow judgments make the atmosphere unbreathable and narrow. Making someone less of a person because of his beliefs and ways of living stir the calm and peaceful stream. In this era where individuality and uniqueness are being celebrated, people with closed mind are still existing. The stereotypes of “who to do this and who to do that, the idea of “you couldn’t do that because you don’t have this” are sadly existing for some unreasonable cause. This bad habit is never become okay and should not be tolerated in any circumstances. The vast impact of this unreasonable way of dealing with people is not just fall under one’s bag, but to everyone’s luggage. The problem with this situation is people keep on normalizing stereotypes and inappropriate labels; they didn’t realize that small amount of tasteless jokes and statements affect not just the stability of an individual but also the setting and mood of the whole. Sensitivity could lead us to harmonious and sound life, where discrimination is stranger and stupidity is just a mistake.

Being brutally honest could be acceptable for the reason that this could make someone better and inform for the things that he needs to improve. Constructive criticisms are always acceptable because these are made for the development and growth of someone. What is wrong about comments are, if these were meant to hurt somebody; if these things were made to ruins someone’s hardship and growing success. In some cases, identifying what is constructive to negative is difficult; reading someone’s inside thought is problematic. The idea that people could carry in making this situation well manage is by proving these people that they’re wrong; by keeping your work progressive and showing them that you are happy and delightful for the way you carry your life.

Validating yourself for the others’ comfort would not make you genuinely contented and happy. Following the route of what these people orchestrated wouldn’t put you in a right trail of satisfaction. Anxieties and worries are product of this conscious (or sometimes unconscious) manipulation of many. Some people tend to hurt and offend people through one’s pressure point while for the sake of balance of probability, some people are just stupid and unaware.

You must always remember that, celebrating your uniqueness is not a crime; following your heart’s desire isn’t a bad fate.


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