Later in life, realization and success always lies on the experiences that you kept from your journey. The idea of accepting struggles is easy as how it was sketched at your waves but the action is opposite and tough to manage. Everyone has a different way in solving puzzles and riddles, some could manage the question correctly; some could answer the problem swiftly. Walking above the planet is not easy especially if the direction is hazy and vague. Enigmas are made to be solved not created for another chapter or volume of it.

Awareness is not enough to strangle the unreasonable thought of everyone. Not all is conscious for the baggage of everyone is keeping. Locking themselves in a limited space where poisonous thoughts are flowing, sharped words scarred their soft flesh and judgments came from the reflection of that broken mirror hanging from front to back.

Starved logic is the main reason why these people are not understood. Walking in a similar route with different ways of accepting the breeze and rays of the sun is the unconscious habit of these folks. The problem is not always come from the person who could not voice-out their inside but from the people who choose to close their eyes after they see something unnatural. Initiating a words to someone is not easy especially if you are scared and anxious for the judgments that you are going to get. And it is easy to say that… it is easy for them to hide and die inside rather than to seek help and ask for understanding.

These invisible cages and unseen chains are serious matter. Some choose to solve their problem drastically, they fill their blues with black ink; they close their eyes and see nightmare. Others choose to live with the gloom, wear fake happiness; they master to live with this blackest shadow.  The strength of the latter is remarkable, everyone who suffers this monster is not capable of dealing and fighting this off. But of course, without proper guidance and support with people, these sufferers end up pale and breathless.

Giving your good intention with these people through word is not always advisable. Telling them what to avoid and say could severe the ambiance. Magnifying the issues could offend and make the wounded alone. By this, the best thing to do is to make these broken know that they are not alone with their journey; that you are not going to leave them down the road. Making them heard and forgiven is what they need. Making them to realize that life is made by chances and possibilities. And for them to be heard they should speak; for them to be understood they need to prove that they are doing the good.

With this circumstances, everyone could be a target; everyone could be under this cloud. Anyone could be trapped between the maze that riddles are endless, could be put in a position where screaming is similar in saying nothing. It is hard to be tied in this unpleasant niche, but you or us need to always remember that we are not alone.

8:33 PM


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