YFUYG6Someone asked me about what do I get in my fascination with visual arts, reading blogs, instagramming, following bloggers, liking their fashion post, and some aesthetics that only instagrammers/bloggers could understand. That moment, I didn’t know what to answer, I felt caught off guard, I dunno how to defend my passion without making myself selfish and superficial. I understand that some people are lined in some interest, like some are fond of waiting for their favorite bloody series, watching corny gag shows, reading erotic novels, taking selfies with their frappe all day long, ranting about how their miserable life and much more. Also, i know that if u are not in the circle of liking these things, like pastel passion, alien stickers, photo of clouds, flatlays, black and white fashion, ootds, cactus, your thinking is… those are freaking nonsense and the only thing that they can do is to create and brag their filtered photos.

Still I don’t know how and what is the best answer to the question, the only thought that is running in my head is that not everyone will understand, like and enjoy what you are doing, your totality and things that make you happy. Not everyone will appreciate your passion, some people will raise their eyebrows for that, some will see it as form of entertainment, leisure but for you it is your life.

I think the best way to deal with this kind of scenario is to do yours and let them to do theirs, you don’t need to explain your side, you don’t need to make them understand your craft, you know because as we all know it is impossible for an alligator to fly and put a comodo dragon to a goldfish’s aquarium. Remember expressions are not to impress others; don’t beg for their appreciation, the fact that you express yourself is the most wonderful thing in the world. ♡ Life is too short to be paranoid for the approval of others,it is not anyone but you, that construct and build your life.

🌻 Kenn, Dec 2016


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