YEAR ENDERThis blogpost is about the achievements, lessons and experiences that I have gotten form the past months.

“Success is not just a piece of pebble that you can found around your backyard; It is like a precious diamond that your sweat and blood are needed for you to get one.”

            Opportunities and achievements became the highlight of my 2017. As my realization came through, I realized that I have received and experienced a lot this year. Positive and negative things; all are gathered around and made me solid and strong. I never thought that these achievements were just happened by chance but instead, these were the product of hard work and faith that I have offered to accomplish these lessons.

            I graduated this year with the Degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. The last year of my college life helped me to gain little confidence and gave me a glimpse of the profession that I’m taking.  After the graduation, I have thrown my luck to apply to some schools nearby – to have an experience, in teaching. Luckily, I got a job, period. The job thought me how to juggle my time, manage my errands, decide wisely, think intelligently and convert mixed fraction to proper faction – Lol.  Adulting is really difficult, planning my day and maximizing my energy is becoming my thing now. It was hard to get-off the idea of procrastination in my vein but surely I have lessened and made it down slow. Procrastination is my enemy, it limits my sleep and resting time. Again, “adulting” is really difficult.

            This year since I graduated from college and finished the education course, I decided to take the Licensure Examination for Teacher that happened last September – day before my birthday. Though I enrolled for a review center, digesting and absorbing the reviews was somewhat really hard. I have classes Monday to Friday and; attended reviews on Saturdays and Sundays – sleep was only my break. But my hard works really paid, I got the result last November and really the outcome was so surreal, I didn’t expect at first and just I hoped that God will do what was destined. Since then, there was always a doubt about my capabilities. I never trust myself that I can accomplish such things successfully. Like when I was in college, when I took our college’s Qualifying Exam (first year) and Pre-Board Exam (third year), when I passed these tests I had this perception that these were just considered as wind of luck. There was always a space in my brain that shows negativity and possibility of failing.  I ain’t labelled myself as a negative thinker but instead I just have this habit that I keep on preparing myself for some avalanche and cooking some Plan B’s or C D E F… For me, this habit didn’t make me down or dark but instead it made me positive. Life trained me to be prepared and made me see that coping up was though not as easy at the beginning but could be done by anyone.

            Passing the Examination for Teachers gave me more confidence and helped me to gain the whole trust for myself. I know the examination does not represent my totally as a teacher or a person, does not made me more intelligent than the others; but it just made me realize that I should start believing myself and with hard work and faith nothing is impossible.

            The year opened and gave me so much opportunities. Some things weren’t easy at the beginning but coping up was always there ready to rescue. Plans might be helpful but following the flow could give you surprises and extra fries at the bottom of the bag. Saying that your happy does not mean that your happy. Telling someone that “hey! You’re so good” does not mean that they are good. Adulting is hard – for the third times –  ,be wise in choosing the people whore, I mean who are worthy for your time. Live life, wear what you like.

20171117_173017-01 (2)

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